Affirmations for Well-Being

The scientific use of affirmations can provide a wonderful tool for upliftment of consciousness and the healing of body, mind and soul. As this section develops we will explain the use of affirmations and provide a number of easy-to-learn examples. We will also talk about the value of listening to uplifting music and it’s effect on the subconscious and conscious mind.

Affirmation for Psychological Success

I am brave, I am strong.
Perfume of success thought
Blows in me, blows in me.
I am cool, I am calm
I am sweet, I am kind
I am love, I am sympathy
I am charming and magnetic
I am pleased with all
I wipe the tears and fears of all
I have no enemy
Though some think they are so.
I am the friend of all.

I have no habits,
In eating, thinking, behaving
I am free, I am free.

I command Thee, O Attention
To come and practice concentration
On things I do, on works I do.
I can do everything
When so I think, when so I think.

In church or temple, in prayer mood
My vagrant thoughts against me stood
And held my mind from reaching Thee
And held my mind from reaching Thee
Teach me to own again, O own again
My matter-sold mind and brain
That I may give them to Thee
In prayer and ecstasy
In meditation and reverie.

I shall worship Thee
In meditation
In the mountain breast and seclusion.
I shall feel Thy energy
Flowing through my hands in activity
Lest I lose Thee
I shall find Thee in activity.

* From Scientific Healing Affirmations, 1924 edition.

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